LED Flood Light Bulb AC 110V 3W E27 Lamp Soft White

LED Flood Light Bulb AC 110V 3W E27 Lamp Soft White
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Reference ID: LEDGGA3WE27FW, GGA3WE27FW, L-A3W-AC-Flood-W

LED light bulbs using wide-angle LED bulbs are intended for indoor flood lighting. Our newest selection of LED flood lights uses 120 degree wide angle LEDs to cover a wider area while maintaining energy-efficiency. We carry E27 Screw-in base LED lights bulbs so they directly replace your household light bulbs.

For starters, we recommend picking one or two light bulbs in your home that you keep on for an extended amount of time...like a nightlight, a bathroom light, a garage light, or hallway light and switch that bulb out for an LED light bulb. Also if you have a desklamp or reading light that uses a regular bulb, switch it to a LED bulb and see if you enjoy the light output and the color of the light (tends to be more white).

This LED Flood Lights Bulb uses three 1-watt LED bulb to produce a significant amount of light. It is durable, energy-saving, long lasting, shock resistance, and mercury free. The aluminum heat sink will maintain its long life. Just screws into your standard E27 Edison base light socket, and starts saving your money.

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- Durable, energy-saving, long lasting, shock resistance, and mercury free

- Ideal for nightlight, bathroom light, garage light, hallway light or reading light

- Aluminum heat sink to maintain its long life

- 120 degree wide angle LEDs

- Bulb type: Flood Light

- Volts: AC 110V-240V

- Socket: E27 Edison Base

- Watts: 3 Watts

- LEDs: 3 x 1-Watt High Power LED

- Illuminance: 300Lux at 1 meter height

- Incandescent Equivalent: 35-40 Watts Incandescent (around 1,000 hours life time)

- Fluorescent Equivalent: 9-11 Watts Fluorescent (contains Mercury)

- Average Life: 35,000 Hours