Big Single Blade 3CH RC Metal Gyro Helicopter 9104 with Spare Blades

Big Single Blade 3CH RC Metal Gyro Helicopter 9104 with Spare Blades
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Reference ID: HDH9104, DH9104, DH-9104, 9104

This is a upgrade 3 Channel RC helicopter with single blade (not coaxial). Normal 3 Channel Helicopters needs a Coaxial Structure to maintain the stability, but this Double Horse 9104 does not need it! It can hover well by just single blade! With extremely cool metal frame and well painted canopy, who would say it is a toy? This Gyro Heli includes a 7.4V rechargeable Li-Po battery for longer flight time! Get one today before they all fly away!

The gyro is an essential component in many RC helicopters. Gyros in RC helicopters are most commonly used to control unwanted movement on the yaw axis. When an RC helicopter rotates on its yaw axis, the direction the nose points (the heading) changes. The yaw gyro’s job is to sense any undesired rotation around the yaw axis (clockwise or counter clockwise rotation when viewed from above), and to automatically correct the orientation of the RC helicopter. Without a yaw gyro, even if the RC helicopter was trimmed out to fly straight initially, it would eventually begin to drift and rotate right or left. Normal maneuvering of the RC helicopter and external forces can result in undesired yaw rotation. When this occurs, the gyroscope senses this change in yaw and corrects it. This results in stable flight for the RC helicopter and no undesired changes in yaw.


- Built-in Electric Gyroscope System for simplest control and extreme stability

- Metal Frame & Body for extra durability

- Omni-directional flight: Ascending, descending, turn left, turn right, forward & backward

- Remote control system of complete proportion stepless timing

- Adjustable Trim Control, speed file switch

- Newly designed electricity saving function

- 3-way precision control, 360 degree exact direction

- High efficient gear slowdown system

- Made of Unique Material to Withstand Crashes

- Flying 15 minutes after 3 hours charging

- Control Range: around 100 feet

- Power battery: 7.4V 1300mA Li-poly battery

- Main rotor surface diameter: 21" (535mm)

- Dimension: 28"L x 7.3"H x 4"W

Package included:

- 1 x RC Helicopter (100% assembled)

- 1 x Radio Controller with antenna

- 1 x 110v charger with charger box

- 1 x set of spare main rotors

- 1 x spare tail rotor

- 1 x English Manual