2.4Ghz Compass RG65 class competition sailboat RC 650mm Sailing Boat Wind Power Sail Yacht

2.4Ghz Compass RG65 class competition sailboat RC 650mm Sailing Boat Wind Power Sail Yacht
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Reference ID: BV7911, V7911, V791-1, 791-1

This Compass 650mm sailboat is a low cost sail Yacht ideal for entry-level sailing enthusiasts looking to enter the hobby, or as a second or subsequent boat for the more avid sailor. The Compass comes prebuilt, requiring relatively little assembly time to hit the water. This RTR Ready-to-Race version comes with everything required except 8xAA batteries for the transmitter and receiver.

The sailboat's nicely-designed hull is made from blow-molded ABS plastic for added strength, durability and great looks. The model's small size provides ease of use, allows users to run the model in fairly small bodies of water and makes transportation convenient.

The boat comes pre-rigged and assembled with the only requirement of the user being to make final adjustments and install 4 x AA receiver batteries and 4 x AA transmitter batteries (not included), you'll be ready to hit the water and begin your journey into the serene world of RC sailboating.

Enjoy a Kool summer with your very own R/C 2.4G Sailing Yacht!


- Assemble required, Completed sailboat set, Intermediate Level Hobby Boat

- Wind power, Radio Controlled sails

- 2.4Ghz spread spectrum technology: better anti-interference ability, faster reaction speed, least power consumption

- 2.4Ghz technology allow more than 20 boats to run at the same time

- 650mm class designed for RG65 competition

- Perfect size for transportation and fun

- Waterproof design for electric equipment

- ABS molding which is durable and smooth

- Overall Length: 650mm

- Hull Width: 135mm

- Mast Height: 950mm

- Total Height: 1365mm

- Weight: 1350g

- Servo: 17-gram Servo, 3kg winch servo.

- Battery: 4pcs AA Battery for boat and 4pcs AA for Transmitter (not included).

- Dimension: 25.6"L x 5.3"W x 53.7"H approx.

Package included:

- 1 x Completed sailboat set

- 1 x 2.4Ghz Remote Controller

- 1 x Instruction Manual

- 1 x Display Rack