Straight Way Hovercraft RC Amphibious Air Powered Vehicle 1/10 Model Boat

Straight Way Hovercraft RC Amphibious Air Powered Vehicle 1/10 Model Boat
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The Electric Cruiser Hovercraft boasts performance from bow to stern. Its large size will amaze your family and your friends. It features high efficiency three powerful motors for optimum lift and thrust. This is a R/C hovercraft that comes with everything to run and the performance of the full size craft is excellent. Capable of forward and reverse thrust with throttle control radio makes this the ultimate in remote control and a very agile hovercraft. The Hovercraft is supplied with three powerful motors, rubber air-bag skirt, propeller fan with safety cage, top-mount air compressor; dual-stick, three-channel radio control transmitter with lift-cut button; owner's manual. Includes 12V rechargeable battery pack and a quick charger.


- Multifunctional on land, water, snow and ice

- Futuristic Design with Modern Technology

- Two Powerful Twin Fan with safety cage

- Top-mount air compressor with an individual motor

- 3 powerful motors and dual-drive props

- Aerodynamic style, Detailed paint

- Rubber air-bag skirt

- Independent fan control

- Outdoor operating range up to 60 feet away

- Maximum speed: 5 mph

- Playing time: up to 15 minutes at each charge

- Ready to Run

- Scale: 1/10

- Dimension: 16.5"L x 12"W x 6"H

Package included:

- 1 x RC Hovercraft (100% assembled)

- 1 x Radio Controller with antenna

- 1 x 110v Battery Charger

- 1 x Rechargeable Battery

- 1 x English Manual