F3A Radio Control Aerobatics RTF EP FM 4CH Brushed RC Sport Airplane 35.5" WingSpan Trainer EPS Plane Supersonic 746

F3A Radio Control Aerobatics RTF EP FM 4CH Brushed RC Sport Airplane 35.5" WingSpan Trainer EPS Plane Supersonic 746
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Reference ID: AV746F, AV746.F, V746F, TW746, TW-746, 746, 746F, 746.F

The FAI/CIAM class of F3A involves complex aerial manoeuvres with a radio controlled model aircraft, where utmost precision and skill in controlling the model aircraft in any attitude and under all conditions is required. The model aircraft is 100% influenced by the wind and all manoeuvres in the aerobatic schedules are judged relative to a point on the ground. The competitor must therefore compensate constantly for possible wind drift. Typically, an F3A model aircraft will have a fuselage length of no more than 2 meters, a wing span of less than 2 meters, and the weight must not exceed 5kg's. The motive power is usually an internal combustion engine, with no power limitations, but the engine has to be adequately silenced. The on-board radio control equipment, receiving signals from the competitor's transmitter, actuates the control surfaces to enable aerobatic performance.

This 746 sport plane model is a great entry level F3A trainer. Its affordable price and all inclusive parts could offer a full RC sport plane experience without breaking the bank. This 4CH Electric powered (EP) R/C Airplane glider/plane kit has a extra large 35.5 inch wingspan and is RTF (ready to fly). It includes a motor, three 9g servos with control rods pre-attached, and receiver pre-installed. The kit also includes a 4 Channel FM radio transmitter, a new powerful 9.6V 650 mAh NiMh (nickel metal hydrate) battery flight pack, and charger. Basically this kit has everything you need to fly on the day you receive your package except for the 8 AA batteries that you supply for the radio transmitter.


- Ready To Fly (RTF), Complete Full 4 Channel (Elevator,Rudder, Throttle, Aileron) Electric Power (EP) Airplane Kit

- The plane operates on 4 channels: one channel operates the elevator, a second channel operates the rudder, a third channel operates the throttle control with a variable speed control knob, the forth channel operate the aileron

- Transmitter can connect to the computer through extra simulator cable (Not Included), work as a flight simulator or trainer

- FM radio control, Frequency could be changed by using differnt crystal set

- Digital proportional standardized radio control system

- Light weight and durable EPS Shock-resistant material

- Battery: High Power Ni-Mh (9.6V 650mAH) for longer lasting flight time

- The control rods are steel and are pre-attached to the servos

- Assemble time: around 1 hour

- Flight time: up to 15 minutes after 3 hours charge

- Control range: 1000 feet (300m)

- Wingspan: 35.5" (900mm)

- Length: 36" (912mm)

- Weight: 14.8oz (420g)

- Battery: 9.6V 650mAH Ni-Mh

- Propeller: 9"x7" (9070)

- Servo: 3 x 9g

- Motor: 370A Brushed with gear box

- ESC: 30A Brushed

Package included:

- 1 x RC Airplane Complete kit

- 1 x FM Transmitter with antenna

- 1 x Battery Charger

- 1 x 9.6V 650mAH Ni-Mh Rechargeable Battery

- 1 x English Manual