Tiger Moth TW-741 Biplane Radio Controlled ESC 3 Channel RC Airplane

Tiger Moth TW-741 Biplane Radio Controlled ESC 3 Channel RC Airplane
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Product Description

Reference ID: A70416, 70416, APTM, TW741, TW-741


- FM 3-Channel Radio Control

- High Speedy Modern Techniques Superior Performance

- 2 Micro Servos for Rudder, Elevator, Control Plus Throttle Controller

- Foam Fuselage, Wing Set Constructed

- Super tough, lightweight airframe

- Glossy paint and detailed exterior

- Equipped 30A brainpower electron scale velometer

- 9G Rubber pivot

- Power by 380A motor

- Ground take off can be performed easily

- Digital proportional standardized radio control system

- Motor controller has a sensitive reaction, has a low voltage drop and strong anti-interference

- Easy for a beginner to operate because it is lightweight yet has a sturdy construction

- Reversible rudder and elevator controls

- Excellent high altitude slow gliding/soaring. Extraordinarily stable to use as a UAV (un-manned aerial vehicle).

- Excellent gliding function

- The fuselage and tail boom is made of durable sturdy hard poly plastic

- The wings are made of light weight molded and coated reinforced foam

- Flight time: up to 20 minutes

- Flight distance: 1000 feet

- Wingspan: 32" (810mm)

- Length: 25" (630mm)

- Weight: 17oz (500g)

Package included:

- 1 x RC Airplane fusge

- 1 x 3CH Radio Controller with antenna

- 1 x 110v Battery Charger

- 1 x Rechargeable Battery

- 2 x Propller

- 1 x Screwdriver and accessories

- 1 x English Manual